Used- 2023 Armada Reliance 82Ti W + Armada M10 Bindings

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If you want a ski that mixes unwavering edge hold on groomers with some all-mountain capabilities, the Armada Reliance 82 Ti would be a fantastic option for you. This ski provides the precise edge hold of a true frontside carving ski but provides the ease of turn initiation and the little bit of forgiveness that most of us "normal" people need out of a ski like this. A light Caruba wood core keeps the weight down in this ski, but also adds to the ski's overall maneuverability and liveliness while two metal laminates keep the ski quiet and stable at higher speeds. One laminate is placed under the core and the other is laved over the top. The top laminate features Armada's Articulated Titanal Banding wherein there are channels cut out of the metal and filled with a rubber material allowing for a smooth entry into the turn and a snappy and energetic finish. Full sidewall construction and a generous amount of camber through the central portion of the ski provide steadfast edge grip even in the firmest conditions. It is refreshing to see a dedicate frontside ski like this one coming from Armada as they have typically been known for their line of freestyle and freeride skis. They have since broadened their horizons and have entered the realm of frontside carving skis, and the Reliance 82 Ti is a great new addition to their line of product.