USED - 2023 Dynastar M Pro 85 w/ Look XPress 11 bindings

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For 2023, the good folks at Skis Dynastar made some nice upgrades to the outgoing M-Pro 84, which really was just a re-branded Legend X84. Now, we get the same shaping, and a similar construction as the higher-end M-Pro skis in Dynastar’s line, and the results are pretty darn impressive. With measurements of 120/84/110 mm, the skis generate a 16-meter turn radius in the 176, making the 85 a quick turner that loves to be on edge. Built with Dynastar’s hybrid wood core consisting of a central chord of poplar wood with Polyurethane along the sides, it’s an interesting blend of materials that makes for a smooth, quiet, energetic, and stable personality. Instead of a Ti Rocket Frame laminate on top, they use a fiberglass one, but it takes the same shape as the Rocket Frames found on the wider M-Pro skis, and makes sense given the intent for lighter weight and increased agility. The new rocker profile and taper shape are also borrowed from the wider M-Pro's, giving this ski more of a freeride feel to it, while it’s sectioned squarely in the all-mountain segment. For intermediate skiers mainly, but also with a higher-end ceiling, the Dynastar M-Pro 85 is a fantastic all-mountain ski with a few tricks and surprises.