USED - Nordica Soul Rider 97 w/ Salomon Z12 Bindings

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Why change a ski as cool and awesome as the Soul Rider 97? Nordica really nailed it a few years ago, and have been more than happy to just let it ride. Different widths have been added, sure, but the Soul Rider 97 remains unchanged for the fourth straight year. Why? Because it's a rad ski and there's no two ways about it. Except for the shape, because the twin-tip makes it really easy and fun to ski all different ways around the mountain. But, for skiers who do value park time and switch takeoffs and landings, the Soul Rider 97 makes a lot of sense. The Soul Rider has a wood core with carbon stringers. High camber gives the ski a lot of pop and energy, so for skiers who value strong performance in a carved turn, the Soul Rider 97 gives them that dimension as well. Maybe it's a bit of hyperbole, but everyone loves these skis.